Where I am Playing

Just a note:

My Second CD has the music completed, but I need to get them studio completed! Should be coming soon!

Professional Video Released June 2012

To view video go to http://youtu.be/BqXqK5BnfAE   

This video is the "story"of the title song of the debut Album "Once There Was A Man".  It represents the struggle of a man who in his youth wanted to be a "rock star" but life got in the way including a 38 year stay in the US Armed Forces.  Now retired, he is searching for the realities of his dreams as he pursues a music career once again. There have been over 5,000 views of this great video by Bruce Merwin, producer.http://www.staugustinevideo.com/
Blog: Gary Lee Wingard and Carolyn D Wingard

2019 Summer Tour  

North to Alaska bound this summer!

Playing a few places along the way this summer (see above).

Preparation this year will be rewarding for the mileage we will travel!

Check out our schedule through Carolyn Wingard's FB pages.

Looking forward to playing in McCarthy, and Halibut fishing in Homer to name the farthest points of travel this summer tour 2019.

Hope to see friends and family along the way and celebrate the joys of life here on earth!