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  September 2012:  RadioIndy:  Gary Lee Wingard releases a spectacular collection of Soft Rock songs on his wonderful CD, "Once There Was a Man." This album has a nice selection of songs that will leave you wanting to hear more from this artist. The title track, "Once There Was a Man," offers an upbeat tempo with charming vocals singing insightful lyrics. The songs, "You're So Sexy" and "Never Land" are magnetic as they have a more edgier Rock groove. Another song, "The Road Ahead," has a Bluesy appeal as the relaxed vocals and dynamic instrumentation flow with an expressive tonality. If you like the sounds of Bob Seger or Hootie and the Blowfish, then you will enjoy the excellent variety of Soft Rock songs on the wonderful album, "Once There Was a Man."

October 2012:  NeuFutur Magazine:  Seems To Be Raining is a complex and dense track that soars on the interaction between instrumental and vocal sides. There are hints of rock, country, and even John Denver-esque pop that is present during this track. Wingard is able to establish a very contemporary type of sound that is imbued with a wide array of influences and styles. I Really Love You contains the emotional intensity that is needed to capture and keep listeners interested throughout the disc.

I feel that the very deliberate guitar work on I Really Love You sets it off from similar efforts, and showcases that Wingard needs nothing else than a guitar and his vocals to shine. Never Land is a track that is distinct from the rest of the album, and I feel that it’s location on Once There Was A Man is inspired. This track has a more pointed and rock-based feel to it, providing a boost to the album’s momentum. Wingard is able to keep listeners guessing even into these late registers, and I feel that Never Land’s inclusion (and sizzling guitar solo) showcases his skill.

The Road Ahead represents a comparable addition to Wingard’s palette, as the presence of a harmonica at the beginning of the track brings listeners to a smoky blues hall. Few albums are able to stand as full works, but Once There Was A Man is a rare example of hitting on all cylinders with each subsequent effort. Check out Wingard’s website and see exactly when he hits up a venue around you. I hope that he is able to continue expanding and evolving his inimitable style.

Top Tracks: Once There Was A Man, The Road Ahead, When I Come Home

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